Jump 4 Us

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the inflatable fit in my backyard?

To help with choosing an inflatable we have put approx. dimensions with the photos of all our inflatables. This will give you a good idea of the area required to set up. We ask that you take these dimensions into account when choosing an inflatable.

If the inflatable you want will not fit in your backyard there are many alternative venue options both indoor and outdoor under our Venues heading.

What happens if it rains?

We can set up inflatables if it is just a slight drizzle. Unfortunately we cannot set up if it is raining. In the event that it is raining and we cannot set up you will not be charged anything. If it is raining and you still want to hire the inflatable the only option is to find a suitable indoor venue. We have a list of indoor venues under our Venues heading.

Do I need to pay a deposit?

No deposit is required. We generally accept payment on the day after the inflatable is set up.

Can adults go on the inflatables?

We do have inflatables that adults can go on, just not all of our inflatables. All our pictured Inflatables will have any age restrictions in their description. When choosing an inflatable please take into consideration the range of ages you wish to cater for.

Do you only set up on lawn?

We do prefer to set up on lawn where possible. We can however set up on dirt and bitumen but need to know in advance, as we will need to bring tarps, blankets and sandbags.

Our main requirement is a prepared (sweeped, racked, cleaned), flat surfaced.

Can I put water on the inflatables?

NO. Unless it is stipulated that it is a wet inflatable no water. This is a safety issue and can cause damage to the castle.

What happens if I damage the Inflatable?

Our Inflatables are very durable and if used per the instructions given damage should not be a problem. If an inflatable is damaged through deliberate misuse, the hirer will be held liable for any repairs or replacement required.

What do I need to do prior to Inflatable being dropped off?

We ask that the area is cleaned free of rocks, sticks, toys, dog droppings etc prior to us arriving.

Do the Inflatables provide sun protection for hot days?

We do have inflatables that come with sun/rain covers. If you are booking a castle in the hot summer months you will need to think about whether you want a inflatable with shade or a location that will shade the inflatable.

Can the Inflatables be hired with supervision?

Yes. Jump 4 Us is happy to provide supervision of our Inflatables, this is however at an additional cost to the hirer. We have found from our experience that corporate functions and large gatherings benefit from having one of our staff as the designated supervisor.